Ave Maria Educational and Charitable Trust

MBA Department


The Objective of the Institution is to provide "Management Education" and promote the growth of effective and efficient "Business Managers" through adherence of the highest Standards of Academic Integrity and overall Ethical Conduct, to develop a sense of Individual Responsibility and to collectively participate in reinforcing and maintaining an environment of honour, trust and standards.

While the first year core curriculum begins with a common knowledge base and customises students by grounding in basic management foundation and in critical skills like finance, marketing, human resources, management and operations- along with hard business skills, the course has access to enhance the learning experience and student perspective, to develop specialisaton in areas of leadership qualities and decision making abilities. Classroom learning is complemented by projects and hands-on experiences, so as to foster leadership, communication and collaboration skills and abilities for performance enhancement.

The Department strives to develop long term relationships with industries and market the Students Talents effectively; the students are thus provided high level leads and career pathways that enable them to gain access to a broad range of high potential MBA Career Opportunities.

To develop strong linkage between institution and the industry the department Organizes Industrial visits/tours and Guest Lectures by eminent personalities from industry arena. Also the department creates healthy environment to promote the students for various competitions like Management Meets, Seminars etc.

The college Library is enriched with good number of volumes of reference, text books and national and international journals and magazines to serve the purpose of updating the student knowledge, both conceptual and emerging trends in the Industry. The institution also provides high speed internet facility.